Teen Driver
Mutual Driving Agreement
Getting your license is an exciting accomplishment, but it can't be taken lightly.  Work with your parents to agree on both the consequences if you break any conditions and rewards or an increase in privileges for good behavior.  Be proactive and develop your own agreement.  Develop your own list of conditions.  The more you bring your parents into the process, the more they'll see you as a safe and responsible driver. Don't assure that your parents are setting rules because they don't trust you.  Driving is a serious business and they just want to make sure you stay safe.Expect that your parents will sent ground rules for you when you're driving.  These may include restricting or forbidding teen passengers, no cell phone use, and limiting the amount of driving and times in which you/ll be allowed to driver (such as no driving after 10 p.m.).
Teen Segment:
As of ____________ (today’s date), I ____________________________ (teen’s
name) am aware of my privileges and responsibilities as a licensed driver in this
Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
I will always wear a safety belt, and insist that any passengers in my
vehicle do as well. If I violate this condition, I understand that my driving
privileges may be revoked for a period of

 I will never drink or use drugs and then drive a vehicle; I will also never

ride in a vehicle being driven by someone who is impaired by alcohol or
drugs. If I violate this condition, I understand that my driving privileges
may be revoked for a period of
 I will obey ALL traffic laws, including state-mandated curfews and
passenger limitations.
 I will maintain a clean driving record, with no traffic violations or crashes; I
further understand violations may result in my parents revoking my driving
privileges for a period of __________________________________.
 I agree to pay for all tickets and violations I incur.
 I will have no more than _______ passengers at any one time, unless
specifically approved by my parent/guardian.
 I agree to drive only between the hours of _______ and _______, unless
returning from work- or school-related activities, or with the specific
permission of my parent/guardian.
 I will call and check in.
 I will not use a cell phone, email or text while driving.
Please include specific examples with a mutually agreeable action
between parents and teens, such as:
If I am driving and one of my friends refuses to wear a safety belt, I
will ______________.
If I am driving and my friends all want to drive with me but there’s
not enough room for everyone, I will _____________________.
Teen / Date
Parent/Guardian /Date